Wesley’s News:part #9 Vasmus Free Energy

Some more of secrets of Vasmus Free Energy Device part #9.
Free Energy is the energy that is Free of charge but energy must come from somewhere and be converted to usable form of energy
at minute 5:46 please note that 0.44 A current is clearly showing that voltage must be high on the tungsten light bulbs. Total power “written in the light-bulbs”(Watts) divided by current of 0.44A gives you voltage of the load.
at 5:17 minute Vasmus is increasing current on the ground wire using potentiometer.
That clearly states about push- pull electron pump mechanism with time delay.
The inertia of the mass particles electrons once activated has its own free flow mass delay.
Once activated electrons flow ( move) from the ground and loosely coupled coil of load winding ( big coil) is dissipating that energy at “pull’ interaction not allowing mass to stop as next demand for electrons flow is just continuation of inertia.
The low frequency carrier is modulated with high frequency picks at very top of the amplitude presenting as DC of given with.
The amplitude of that square pics is much bigger as low amplitude carrier.

You could picture it as very narrow very high square picks of DC at frequency higher that the carrier.
The rising edge and falling edge of such impulse is very short however for us the important is that in the sloping down time there is at certain point the carrier of its very unique time base amplitude level.
The picks are present only – from 0 to maximum of the carrier.

That is very much like Lithuania Experiment.


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