Fun with Graphene

Dirtied hands alert !
Having watched how Robert Murray-Smith created a graphene process using a blender, I decided to have a go myself.
Following the use of a coffee filter after vigorously shaking the jar mixture, the remaining sediment was left to dry out and then I had a couple of ideas on how to use those flakes.

The intention is to make a super capacitor from the jar liquid, but it seems that polishing the heck out of the graphitic residue has great properties of its own.

Using a wet piece of kitchen towel and aluminium foil, the output measured 0.768V and 14uA.
A few seconds of charge with a 9V battery brought the test piece up to 1.6V and 46uA…enough to run a blocking oscillator or a digital watch.
The CD seemed a good alternative to the piece of glass that NeatPete45 shows in one of his recent videos…and works well.

Finer polishing and a refined process is likely to see improved results and then my jar of processed gunk may be ready to be finished up and tried out.

See Robert Murray-Smith’s channel and also the experiments of neatpete45 who shows an LED lighting when he added a graphene layer to glass.

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