Electric OU: Supplement: MOSFET Input Capacitance Conducts AC

ERRATUM: A couple of times I say “Drain” when I should have said “Source”. The actual intent is clear, I hope, since the wires are color coded.

This video refutes the assertion by Rosemary Ainslie and GMeast that the mosfet’s input capacitance cannot pass significant current through the Gate.

Any capacitor can pass AC current. The IRFPG50’s input capacitance is given in the data sheet to be 2600-2800 pF depending on manufacturer. Have you read the Data Sheet, GMeast? Do you deny that capacitors can pass AC current? Let’s see your demonstration that refutes mine, then.

Rosemary Ainslie said,
“Guys – the wonder is how they get away with this APPALLING level of discussion on ‘matters scientific’. It beggars belief. They can CERTAINLY assume that there are those readers who simply don’t understand the points they raise. But it’s never ALL their readers. But to claim that those IRFPG50’s can discharge current from a battery or any supply source through the GATE of a MOSFET? And then to say that they PROVED this? For those of you who are NOT purists, trust me on this. It is IMPOSSIBLE – unless that MOSFET has somehow degraded that it is ENTIRELY defunct. That’s just one of MANY absurdities. The most of them have been discussed. I put it to you that IF they’re the ‘experts’ that they pretend – then LET THEM PUBLISH A PAPER ON THESE FINDINGS. Because, of a truth – there would be a million or more aspiring power and electronic experts who would be MOST intrigued. ”

What a comedian she is! “Trust her on this”….. what a joke! Time after time I’ve disproved and refuted her ignorant lying claims, and here we go again!

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