Electric OU: Spurious Current Amplitudes Caused By Inductive Current Sense Resistors

A comparison of the indicated voltages read from 2 different Current Viewing Resistors, one a Non-inductive Kelvin Probe arrangement and the other one an ordinary wirewound power resistor, in series so they carry the same actual current.

The cynical mendacious Great Scientist Rosemary Ainslie has presented me with a challenge, even though I have performed the same thing many times before. She believes that if I use the full 72 volt battery stack with my FG in series, the MASSIVE currents produced by the oscillations will make my FG EXPLODE.

And I laugh at her stupid arrogance, her inability to reason properly, her incompetence, and her willfull ignorance of her chosen topic.

ERRATUM: I had the wrong part number listed for the Non-Inductive resistor, it is actually the One-Ohm WNE1R0FE. I have added an annotation over the number in the parts list to reflect the actual partnumber. Thanks for checking my work!

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