Preserved for the Record: Rosemary Ainslie Video Demonstration 11 August 2013

This is FAIR USE of this video for the purposes of education and forensic investigation.

This is an unedited copy of the demonstration that Ainslie freely distributed as a live “hangout”… but which she apparently has removed in order to conceal the revealing data that it contains. Data which demolishes her “free energy” claims.

The claimants, Rosemary Ainslie and Donovan Martin, believe that their apparatus called the “Q-array” produces some kind of excess energy, over and above the energy drawn from the battery and function generator. They claim more heat energy is disspated at the load “element resistor”, an ordinary RV water heater element, than is provided by the energy inputs from the main battery and the function generator. And in the past they have even claimed that the batteries do not discharge during the circuit’s operation.

For years Ainslie has carried on an extremely insulting and disrespectful correspondence with several groups of interested researchers who have tried to replicate her _reported_ results, only to find no excess energy and in fact miserably low efficiencies. Furthermore it has become quite evident that many of the oscilloscope displays, schematic diagrams and other data Ainslie presents and which are included as evidence in her two main manuscripts are actually IMPOSSIBLE to produce or do not function as she claims… constituting fabrication of data.

Ainslie has tried to win “free energy” monetary prizes with the apparatus and the claims…. but all _reliable_ testing has found that the device is actually very INEFFICIENT. The circuit wastes energy in heating the mosfets themselves and radiation of radio frequency oscillations that can be picked up by any nearby radio receiver tuned to the FG stimulation frequency. In effect, the apparatus is a 5 Watt radio transmitter, and can even be modulated to transmit voice or music.

What it does not do is to provide any “free energy”. Ainslie’s reports thereof are mismeasurements, bad interpretations, miswirings of circuitry and scope probes, bad mathematics and general incompetence, up to and including outright conscious fabrication.

For example the oscilloscope shot that is presented as Figure 3 in the first main manuscript has been proven to be impossible to make under the stated conditions, but can easily be made by several different small changes in wiring, transistor integrity, or scope probe misplacement. Since any of these would need to be corrected for further accurate measurements to be made… the Ainslie team must have known about the error condition… yet the fake shot appears in the manuscripts anyway and major conclusions of a radical nature are drawn from it and presented as true by the Ainslie authors.

The June 29, 2013 video is an illustration of the incompetence of the Ainslie team and most of it can be viewed as a playlist on my channel. In the present August 11 video they are much better organized because they are operating under the guidance of a professional power supply designer with vast experience in electronics theory, systems design and measurement, Mr. S.Weir. And under his expert guidance the Ainslie team finally makes and interprets proper measurements… and finds no indication of any overunity performance, and in fact finds a very low efficiency of 20-30 percent at the load heating.

Based on this demonstration, Ainslie issued a formal retraction of sorts (very insincere and not including the actual removal) of her two main manuscripts…. then after a couple of weeks she forgot what this demonstration shows and “retracted” the retraction, and announced once again her intention to seek monetary awards based on the original fabricated data. This is a veritable admission of the intent to engage in a fraud, since everyone knows the apparatus is NOT overunity in any way.

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