Rocket stove heater (on steroids) burning waste oil

Simple yet effective.
Use any kind of oil to run your rocket stove (heater)
Some oils have a higher boiling point, like veggie oil.
Ignite with something like thinner, methanol or whatever.

Place an iron/aluminum or whatever metal kind of mesh in there. The heat of the flames will heat the mesh, this will heat the oil and the oil will boil and vaporize giving a great steady burn.

Placed in the rocket stove with extra air inlets, all the oil is burned and NO smoke is present. Even old motor oil burns very clean.
I prefer veggie oil, because of the enviromental footprint.

It burns really steady and is easy to maintain.
I am working on a very simple automated system to feed the oil, without fuzzzz.
No, it is not an oil drip feed system. It will be far easier to build and maintain.

Also a glimps of my converted wood stove to rocket stove with the dome mounted.

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Sorry for the grainy picture, but it is evening now. so its dark and my camera sucks.

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