Reactionless Propulsion: Charrier Experiment 2A: Preliminaries

Continuing with testing the Charrier electromagnetic thruster for interactions with local environment. This is just a short overview of some of the setup items. Real testing will follow in another video.
Apparently Charrier stimulated his test article with a bipolar square wave (from -20 to +20 volts, with 50 percent duty cycle). In order to get ample current to the coil, the Function Generator’s output must be used to switch an H-bridge relay circuit, which in turn switches the battery supply voltage into the coil, alternating polarity in time to the driving signal.
The H-Bridge is Groundloop’s design, and it’s a very useful circuit. The TIP122 transistors I used are a lot cheaper at 75 cents each than the specified MJH11022 Darlingtons, which cost 8 dollars if you can find them. But the TIPs are more fragile.

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