Cold ions finding – Nephilim Penny at 2 years

Much more info below.
The Nephilim Penny flashing oscillator is now 2 years old and normally runs 24/7 flashing away.
Last year, it suddenly quit and I spent ages cleaning and checking and reflowing solder joins. Only when the temperature rose again did it start up again.

This year, same problem. But this year I decided to see if hand temperature could return it to running…and it does.
The surprise is the speed of that return to running of just a few seconds. It then carries on for some minutes before the natural cooling again stops the circuit.
After a few minutes when it stopped, I thought i’d try the salts cell circuit again and noted that even though Nephilim Penny had again stopped, it flashed when the other circuit fired !

My theory is that the ions are slowing down, in some ways readyng for freezing at 32F and that halts the circuit from working.

I still need to enlarge the capacitor for a brighter flash output, something that has been on the to do list for months, but, if it aint broke don’t fix it and I haven’t 🙂

Original Nephilim Penny video :
Original Chili cell and circuit :

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