Free Energy Generator – Vladimir Pantiuhov device with circuit diagrams

More infos here:

Kapanadze device has been replicated on a small scale !!!

You’ll need to keep the same orientation for the toroids, similar to the 2SGen setup by J. Naudin
Here are the original video from which I made this compilation.

Circuit diagrams:

If you know Russian, you can follow this thread.

or use Google Translator to see, what they talk about there.
Many thanks fo the Russian inventors that have designed this great little circuit !

P.S: Could be based on this Joule Ringer type effect here:

Please check also the other videos of tiger;

ALso user T1000LTU wrote:
The guy in Skype was Пантюхов ( and that is not Kapanadze replica.
Also checkout:

Here is a great Russian PDF file with many circuit diagrams and infos about it.

Would be glad, if somebody could translate it into English language.

Regards, Stefan

Link to this video:

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