alt.snakeoil Video Report 30: TK’s Quantum-17 and the Art of Noise

The audio you hear is from the AM radio, tuned to a local station. The base frequency of the Quantium-17 apparatus is around 2.4 kHz but it is a broadband noise source. The audio changes as the Charge Dump capacitor charges and then discharges through the NE-2 neon bulb. The audio also changes as the NE555N timer Flips and Flops through different operating modes and “oscillates” between modes due to being underdriven.
In short, a superb performance of Noise from the TK Quantum-17 apparatus.

No, this is NOT the Rosemary Ainslie circuit described in the Quantum magazine and claimed to make 17 times the energy output. It just has the same schematic she published and the same component values and is operating at the claimed frequency and duty cycle she claimed to use in her _false_ claims. In fact it is the Unclamped Inductive test circuit in the back of every power mosfet data sheet. With some TKMods, of course.

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