Electric OU: TK’s Quantum-17 Apparatus, Secret of DPDT, Cap Charging

The TK Quantum 17 apparatus.This is my current testbed for the claims that were made by Rosemary Ainslie and BC Buckley in the article published in Quantum magazine in October 2002.

She claimed a COP over 17 to 1 but never showed proper data or testing and in 2009 and 2010 several workers attempted to “replicate” her results and failed to do so. Nobody has shown any credible unequivocal over unity performance from Ainslie’s various claimed circuits.

Now, since the failure of the 5-mosfet device and the withdrawal of the two papers concerning its performance, Ainslie has announced that she will re-test and “prove” the old, single mosfet Quantum COP over 17 design.

We are ready.

The “error” or rather the inverted duty cycle of the pubished Quantum circuit has been known since mid 2009. Many workers tried many different things, from substituting component values to complete redesigns including additional transistors, in an effort to salvage something of the published schematic and still make the claimed 3.7 percent ON at 2.4 kHz duty cycle.

But none of them knew the Secret of DPDT.

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