Testing the NiMh extracted stainless steel foil on the Zincoxide cell

This is a test with the extracted stainless steel foil I extracted from the NiMH battery.

First I thought in the previous videos, that this was the Nickelfoil, but it is not.
It is just the stainless steel electrode holder foil for the Metalhydride powder…

In this old NiMh battery I teared down, the nickel foil electrode was already gone and consumed, so that was first confusing to me…

So I really have to tear down a new NiMH battery, where the Nickel foil is not yet consumed..

So I saw that this was not the right foil as this had only about 1 Volt cell voltage also after longer charging. A real Nickel foil would have got 1.95 Volts in this cell as I demonstrated in the Google Hangout with Calvin..

Regards, Stefan.

Link to this video:

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