Fuelless Engine: beginning stage

built from the Creative Sciences plans, this is a project a buddy and i have been interested in building I have been meaning to get this spinning for a while, there is a lot of fine tuning, at first it went backwards of what we thought, and next got lots of drag from off timing…and now it brings itself up to speed using the second commutator contacts running back to the power source on the half cycles. the commutator is still actually braking the rotor but we were anxious to power it up, much can be improved.
will be adding coils or more turns to the output coil, more magnets on the drive coil, and .. of course … patience and determination… and epoxy soaked fibre glass layers to finish the magnets off to not fly off.
recent improvements on the commutator timing has brought up HP 50% since the video.
not scrapping any past projects, but … i just want a motor hehe

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