Emily Catalan Stg3 cancer now Free of Cancer in less than Video 2 months, cost less $350

So many testimonials regarding Ismael water thrapy , but this video testimonial will strongly validate the effectivity of Ismael water therapy for curing Cancer and many type of Chronic diseases. Don’t forget this is just a special proccess of different type of water

Emily Stg3 cancer is a happy person after she was totally free of cancer based from two Lab test CA125 and full abdomen scan. Looking on her face now & before two months ago totally different. Visit her first 2 months ago video link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsB0RO3LZ5A

Emily showing what are the different water she took that makes her free of cancer. 1st.. Special Alkaline, 2nd. Ionic Water,3rd. Mouth Spray 3rd. Mineral drops,4th.Energy Pendant total of P16,000 2months IWT

How it works. 1st Spcl alk boost the Immune system & cleanse the stomach of all TOXIN & BB (Bad Bacteria) to cut off the production & supply of BB and to saturate the cell and Tumor into Alkaline stage to starve the BB since this is not their Food (Acidic is the food of the BB &, the more your body Acidic the more they multiply ) & this is food of the GB (Good Bacteria) BB will be force out of the Tumor & travel throu Blood Vessel. But there no way they can start again another Tumor since the body saturated with Alkaline and Oxygen. People living inside the polluted city highly possible to become Acidic due to C.O. / SMOG.

Body BB is Anairobic It means they cannot live with oxygen. Since Ismaewater is Highly Oxygenated most BB will Die. Airobic BB is living outside the body or can survive even with Oxygen environment.

2nd. Ionic Water is a BB killer & enhance the body oxygen. Once the BB in the Blood vessel they will be killed & Flush out of the body efficiently due to Spcl Alk is a Flusher and no worry of Dead BB Stock up in the Kidney. Some CA therapy like Cesium chloride makes the body feel terrible from depletion of Potassium & cogging the Kidney w/BB, No problem with Ismaelwater since is high of Potassium 8mg – 10mg/L

Ismael Ionic water is a SILVER Coloidal based, improved ( by means of PLASMA tech ) into higher level to become Ionic and very effective as a BB killer & Platelets Booster specially good for Dengue patients. Most Dengue Patients who drink Ismael Ionic will be out of hospital the following day.

3rd. Two source of BB to the Tumor 1st. is the Stomach 2nd. the Mouth. We solve the Mouth BB by giving Spcl Anti Bacteria Spray. To make the Mouth always in minimum of BB. We always advice to all Cancer patient’s Visit Dentist to remove any Damage Tooth.

4th. Ismael Mineral Drops, is loaded with 80+ minerals nutrients needed by the body of CA patient. Most CA patients already depleted of Nutrient Minerals, due to saturation of BB. Very important to increase the minerals of the body to make the Immune system contineous to be strong to fight Bad bacteria

5th. Serpentine Herbal is the only Herbal I am recommending for treatment, It’s a KING OF BITTER. It has Alkaloid property which is in resonant to my Alkaline water. I am giving it to the people with Tumor Cancer, Diabetics, High Blood. I think I am one of the researcher who really explore the good health benefits of this Herbal. No report of Toxicity or Overdose. Actually I did not expose or keep it for the last 7 years, while I don’t have the FDA , but luckily I get it last two months ago and thanks to one of my patients who help me to get the FDA.

6th. IEP ( Ismael Energy Pendant). Immune system can be boosted in two ways. 1st Chemically 2nd. Electrically. IEP is a Immune system booster electrically and loaded with 3 given Nature energy. 1st. Properly balance Negative Ion 2nd. Far Infra Red 3rd. Statics magnet. Why still needed ? THE ENERGY are available now in nature ? YES it’s available but obstructed or BLOCK, thanks to the Pollution always blanketed the City. Neg Ion need to travel 100Klmtrs to reach human. Far Infra red from 6am to 8am MORNING Sunlight to increase the Vit D To the body to fight Cancer but it’s block by pollution or SMOG or simply nowadays people always busy no time for morning sunshine exposure.



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