UNI-T UTD2102CM Oscilloscope full demo review all functions. & trying to show waveform Capture rate.

I was asked to do a demo of the UNI-T UTD2102CM Oscilloscope that was donated to me by Steve. a fellow researcher/ supporter.

for me i really like this scope. it functions well and is easy even for an Amateur to use. i have also put this to the test with high voltage spikes, big EMP pulses and the like. the scope has recovered from all i Have thrown at it so far …

happy owner here.

One can see me UN-package this as well as use it in the several videos below:

one can find more info here on why i did this demo:



Trying to display the waveform capture rate using this method:

i hope this video helps others trying to find more info this scope.

god bless

~Russ gries


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