Solar Speed Raceway – The Challenger

A new build of lighter and hopefully even faster Dragster.
Can it beat the so far reigning champion, the Blue Dragster ?
Intended as the concept of the Single Panel Racing competition, this race is a further demonstration of what the competition is hoped to bring.
The cars race along a 10ft (3Mtrs) track in a simulated 1/4 Mile drag race, to see which is fastest.
The ‘trick’ is that you may think a single 100W solar panel would offer up huge amounts of power for a racing car – but – would the weight of such a panel slow everything down to a crawl off the starting line ?

The Single Panel Racing competition is open to anyone and everyone.
The basic rules are:
Single solar panel
No battery
10ft (3Mtr) straight and level racing track.
A clock to be shown (to avoid claims of editing)

YouTube videos should be uploaded and the link messaged to me in a YouTube PM.
Updates of the leaderboard and highlights of the submissions will be summarised in videos on my channel at regular intervals. That way, everyone knows what to beat !
Hopefully, we can get something going here, for fun but also research.

A solar panel manufacturer would be an ideal sponsor and/or prize giver for the winner at the end of this years competition – End of September 2013.

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