Cool Joule – 1 Runner, 1 Maybe

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Versions of TinMan’s recent Cool Joule SS SSG circuit.
Original video here:

Tentative results, lots of tests and verifications to do.
The first build trundles onward from yesterday when it was built, putting a few mV on to both batteries per hour. It was charging at a stronger rate of 40mV per hour before I moved it, moved the wiring and the LED went off !
But, it carried on going, which is perplexing. However, the wire orientation and distancing between them does factor into LED brightness…my thoughts at the moment are that the LED is conducting, but not bright enough for light output.
C3198 ‘GR’ transistor
100ohm resistor
2x DF coils @ 450ohms
2x 200mAh Ni-Cd batteries well rested (days)
1N4004 equiv diode (ET-104 400V 1A)

The second build is neater, but was trouble to begin with. I’d used relay coils, for their huge resistance of micro fine wire. For example, 2.7K on one pair of 24V relays. But, the steel core inside seems to have stopped that idea in its tracks, these coils need to be air-core. The circuit lost 20mV over a couple of hours.
On returning to dancing flower type coils (450ohms each) the circuit fires up straight away and is now being used to test different transistors.

Not mentioned in the video, 2 same batteries sit out of the circuits and are tested periodically for temperature related differences in voltage. I’ve only noticed them change by a few mV, not the same kind of change as is being seen on the first build circuit.
Temperature here is approx 80F in the daytime, no air conditioning, so temperatures will change through a 24hr period.

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