cold fusion perhaps all in one test 1

Hi all

This is a presentation of an experiment to investigate further more the plasma electrolysis
As you can see, i have installed in a bigger jar (2 liters) – the reactor + the thermoplongeur + the thermometer + the brasseur ( water agitator).

So with the thermoplongeur, i can first heat up the electrolyte to 90 degrees, than i simply switch the plongeur off and than switch the reactor on .
When the reaction is optimised, and the temperature is stabilised (with the brasseur always on,in order to get a moving water and avoid hot place in the jar ) Ican stop the reactor and reswitch the plongeur on to see how many watts are necessary ,to get the same temperature as per the reactor.

So i have also connected the plongeur not on the AC grid, but on the bridge rectifier which feed also the reactor.
So with the same the same instruments i can measure or the ractor wattage, or the plongeur wattage and that all in one in the same apparatus.

So i can now make more accurate measurements, and test different cathode/anode /electrolyte type and concentration etc…

So stay tuned

Good luck at all


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