Extreme High Voltage: AnAtmoSphere Vacuum Cycling at Constant Input Voltage

Here we can see the change in character of the glow/arc/corona/spark discharges as the pressure in the AnAtmoSphere changes. I cycle the vacuum pump several times while providing a constant voltage to the flyback driver.

Then I put the camera into its “night mode” where it uses a slow frame rate and shutter speeds. The imagery of the discharge is really enhanced, and the sensor picks up different details and colors than are visible to the naked eye. I think there must be a lot of UV emission happening; fortunately the glass filters out the shorter wavelengths.

The center polished chromed cast iron sphere is positively charged and the copper tube ring is negative. The power supply is set to provide 12 volts to the flyback driver, and I give some input current readings during the show. When the input current is high, I think I can see the “Z-pinch” effect of plasma instability. The flyback is operating at around 38 kHz.

At the beginning and end of the video I’ve placed a couple of still shots of interest.

This is the “new” flyback transformer; I burned out the other one by leaving it on at high power, and then forgetting about it while I messed around on teh internest.

Thanks for watching!

DANGER WARNING: High Voltages, Implosion Hazard. Do Not Attempt unless you have someone nearby to record the carnage and call the ambulance. I am not responsible for your fried, glass sliver – embedded carcass.

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