Smallest ‘Smallest Car in the World’

Bit of fun.
Conversion pics at the end of the video.

These little cars are very cool. The solar panel may only kick out 0.5V under a strong flashlight, but the amperage is a breathtaking 150mA !!! No wonder the little 6mm coreless motor moves the car so quickly.

I saw these on the sidebar of YouTube and, needing a 6mm replacement motor and gear for an old Micro Terrain Titan, plus being interested in the solar panels, decided to order a few.
I didn’t know they would be so responsive to both sunlight and other light.

The red car body is from a set of such cars bought a while back, that were supposed to be for something like this, hadn’t really an idea what, but converting one of these suited.
The motor was rewired to spin in the other direction and so enabled mounting the motor like a regular front wheel drive electric car would have it. The tiny ex front wheels were swapped out for the larger axle of the original on the red car.

The conversion to make the smallest car even smaller was fun…just a bit of Dremmel’ing and sanding.

The last pic shows the finished Smallest ‘Smallest Car in the World’ next to a USA 25c coin. All 4 wheels fit on the coin 🙂

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