Extreme High Voltage: Random AnAtmoSphere Glows and Sparkles

A collection of informal views of the glow discharge within the AnAtmoSphere low pressure chamber. The central polished chrome sphere is positively charged and the surrounding copper tube electrode is the negatively charged zone.

I don’t really have any idea of the actual pressure in the chamber. I have no way of measuring low pressures accurately here. If anyone would like to donate a thermocouple vacuum gauge and its controller to the TKLab effort ….. I would be eternally grateful.

At the end of the video I show one rather significant still shot. This clearly shows a set of stable layers in the glow around the positive sphere.

DANGER WARNING: High Voltage and Vacuum Vessels.
Electrocution and implosion hazards exist, so please don’t try this with a display glass case or a cheeseboard cover. The sphere I’m using is a bathysphere instrument enclosure with 3/8 inch thick tempered glass, and it’s rated for 6700 meters depth in the ocean, so I have confidence that it will withstand one atmosphere of “vacuum pressure” on my workbench. But I am creating hot arcs inside it and so must be careful of local heating. There isn’t much convection in a vacuum… duh…. but I can still feel the glass warming during longer runs at high power levels. I would not want this thing to crack from the heat and implode from the atmospheric pressure…….
So if anyone out there in YT land tries anything like this at home, please be aware of the hazards and be careful. I am not responsible for cleaning up after your bloody shredded corpse after your cheap glass jar implodes.
Knock on wood.

Music is a YT Audio Swap, Sitar Madness by LTJ Xperience. Thanks !

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