Extreme High Voltage: Supplement: AnAtmoSphere Low Pressure Chamber First Evac

A friend gave me a nice glass sphere, designed as a deep submersible capsule for oceanic research. It’s heavy glass with a ground-glass equatorial mating seam. The label says it’s been tested to some ridiculous depth. No holes, though.

I finally got around to making the vacuum chamber I’ve been planning, using one of the hemispheres. I made a base from some acrylic plastic, set in some feedthrus and a fitting, and hooked it up to my vacuum pump, which is a cheapo 2-stage vane pump sold for automotive air conditioning service. I have no idea what pressure I am getting, but I am hoping I can get down to the glow discharge region where interesting things will be happening at and between the electrode surfaces.

And in fact…. I do. Please see the next video, which is being processed and should be available in a few minutes.

Thanks for watching, and thanks…. you know who…. for the excellent sphere !

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