Barkhausen jumps experiment with the Delayed Lenz Effect Tests Bench (DLE-TB v1.0)

“Heinrich Barkhausen, a German physicist, discovered in 1919 that a slow, smooth increase of a magnetic field applied to a piece of ferromagnetic material, such as iron, causes it to become magnetized, not continuously but in minute steps.
The sudden, discontinuous jumps in magnetization may be detected by a coil of wire wound on the ferromagnetic material.” (source “the Enclyclopedia Britannica”).

The Barkhausen jumps in the iron core can be easily detected in the
DLE-TB v1.0 with an audio amplifer connected on the secundary stator coil.

– Does the Barkhausen jumps can provide extra energy ?
– Does the Barkhausen jumps flowing back and forth and in phase are able
to delay the Lenz effect in the iron core ?

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