Resonant Running

2 completely different circuits, now tuned up by themselves to flash together.

The pencil resistor circuit was moved off the work table to sit on top of the Nephilim Penny pancake coil based oscillator. After about a day, they timed up with each other as seen.
(Nephilim Penny is named after Lidmotor’s ‘Penny’ female name for the osc circuit he showed and this one is made from very old tatty modem cords. Big, ancient, female name).

Quite the surprise to see this effect, as the coil of the Nephilim is a huge 2 layer pancake, the coil of the pencil resistor circuit is a little ferrite piece with the wire wrapped around.
It seems to be related to the way that wireless fields on Tesla towers or SWES pancake systems can be detected with an LED stuck straight on top of a wound inductor choke.

Just an interesting observation, with the Nephilim being the speed control.

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