Extreme High Voltage: TinselKoil4 PsarkShow 2b

A slideshow of some individual frames from the video, showing some particularly nice corona streamers and arcs.

Watch in HD for the best view!

These shots give a completely different perspective on the display than you get from the 30-second time exposures that I included with one of the previous videos. For reference, the toroid terminal is 9″ across (major diameter).

There are several things that I’ve noticed in these snapshots. Very often you can see the spiral structure of the plasma filament, twisting many times around itself. And less often but still fairly consistently one sees tiny “ball lightnings” showing up as red glowing balls in places along the psarks.

(I call them “psarks” because they are plasma sparks, power arcs, powerful emanations that are more than simple sparks or arcs.)

Please see the previous three videos for details of the construction and operation of this small MOT-DC blown SGTC.

Camera: Panasonic SDR-H40PC running at full auto
Processed: OpenShot
Frames: grabbed with VLC
OS: Linux Ubuntu 11.10
Dog: Maggie May

“I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator” (http://www.youtube.com/upload)

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