cold fusion perhaps study 3

Hi all
Going on the experiment, I tested this “balance “system, to see if the output vapor from the reactor, which SEEMS much more present, is more powerfull than the almost invisible vapor from the boiller.

Both system are powered by 230 watts .

OK what we know now is that

1- the output gaz from the reactor seems not to be HHO, because Edenguard (an activ experimenter at “conspirovniscience*), tried to fire the gaz at full power, and nothing happened. He also tried to use the gaz with a bubler and a torch and he could not fire the gaz without vapor. But i did not test it myself so be very very carefull with this experiment,

2-The reactor’s steam look very white and dense , but it is not, it is not so hot trhan the vapor and seems not to have more direct energy than pure vapor from the boiler.

I will redo this experiment with a new cathode, because this one was very damaged after the video. But i don’t think the above statement will be very different, but who knows??

Ok will go on the investigations of this plasma electrolysis

hope this helps


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