Happy Lunar New Year from NRGLab

There are a number of players in the energy market, and each receives profit for their services. Gas companies take loans to explore new fields, produce and liquefy gas, and then transport it to customers. Later, stations purchase expensive gas turbines and combust the gas to produce electricity. Next, electricity travels via high-current lines to reducing stations, after which it is transported via local energy companies’ power lines. Finally, consumers are connected to these power lines. This long production chain is the only way the final demand for electricity can be met. The consumer must pay for each link of this chain. In Asia, for example, 1 kW of electricity costs $0.20.

When using SH-boxes designed by NRGLab, one can avoid this long and expensive chain. One SH-box incorporates several industries, which results in low energy prices. To gain perspective, it is important to know that entities as big as entire countries are involved in this energy chain. There are countries that make revenues exclusively by selling oil and gas. In this chain are also large global companies producing gas turbines and other gas transportation equipment. Banks are a vital part of this chain, and they make astronomical profits on their services.
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