Ed Leedskalnin PMH Flux Capacitor and Other New Thoughts

Haha…I realized while it was uploading that a U magnet would be the same “capacitor”…lol…not so cool I guess…but wanted to update on the new ideas too 🙂

But also, in talking to a friend I discovered that the PMH really is a type capacitor…it’s a flux capacitor 😉

Here’s a link to a great video example of how the magnetic flux stays in the core “perpetually” (as described by Ed):

The pic in the vid was from Leedskalnin.com

I’m starting to see that the PMH (perpetual motion holder as Ed called it) might have had uses other than against the wheel. I think a different design utilizing the bucking coils could have been used. I’m now wondering if Ed had a few different devices. I’m also wondering now if his wheel had more than 1 purpose…ie charging iron, or creating electricity. I’ve made a small change to the system with a good result :)) New vid showing that soon.

“There aren’t any problems, only solutions.”

John Lennon

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