Andre Tuszel’s experimental set-up at Grande Hotel Trilogia, Cambuquira, Brazil

Here’s an amateur video I shot on January 16, 2013.

Andre used to work on the Tokomak reactor in Lausanne, Switzerland on the EPFL campus. Then he worked on the Tokomak reactor in Sao Paulo. But he wasn’t satisfied that this was a practical, clean energy solution, so he got involved with the Keppe Motor project.

Of this video, he wrote: “This experimental setup is just an old research prototype which showed a 94% overall efficiency that time. I am now refreshing that proto testing new configurations, trying to join at least 2 different principles like those disclosed by Adams and subsequently by Tim Harwood; and the variable gap principle of Kure Tekko / Takahashi with regauging at the ‘sticky spot’ as Tom Bearden explained. No further claims so far, just beginning new tests.”

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