Free Energy Kapanadze turkish investor meeting 2005

Stabilized video version with less shaking !
This is a video from 2005 when Georgian inventor Tariel Kapanadze met with some Turkish investors to show hos latest free energy generator device.
He drives some huge light bulbs with it and a big AC motor.
The setup is running for more than 30 minutes from his device in the video, so hidden batteries are not much possible,cause the energy output during this presentation is so big…

User Idzaza wrote in my forum about it:

I have seen all videos available on the net, including this last one kapanadze 2005. he demonstarted 3 phase as he said 20-30 kilowatts device. Max used power checked was 12 kilowatts.
I am Georgian, I do not know any of these people, I had some doubts about his devices, however now I believe they are all genuine working devices. In this last video he presented his device to some Turkish nationals I guess potencial investors. He is moaning and talked about the goverment in this video that they are bloking the invention, but he is saying he does not want this technology to leave the country (what an idiot the man might be but here we are, this is his personality).
I do not think battery of that size give you 3 phase which can run motor of that size(look at start of the motor) plus kilowatts of bulbs for 40 minutes or so. that was recorded in March 2005
Anyway, after this presentation he build with Turkish engineers in Turkey two devices, one 47 kilowatts and later 100 kilowatts in 2007.
Getting interesting for me. Might be simple and we laugh after we learn how the device works. What I see mainly is one transmiter coil which creats electomagnetic field and 3 collector coils. He is telling to everyone once again that it is a tesla resonance transformer with just right tuning.
Load was on each phase 18 amp, total 54 am I right?
I wish that device to be here with me now, I would remove and throw away the gas boiler first thing in the morning, would light up all rooms and warm up every single room, plus would grow some vegetables in a nice warm place and buy most beautiful and powerfull electric car, any good model of car named Tesla is it x model or which ever. Dreaming is not bad is it?
Thanks for the youtube video to AntanasEnergy from russian forum.

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