40 Don Smith Device 1/01/13: Dual Quarter Wavelength Step-up Tune and 50 Watt Halogen

Here i have improved the gap further by restricting the break-over voltage to a much higher level before spark discharge event occurs, Done by using the wider surface polished brass electrodes instead of smaller pointier ones.
also i enclosed the gap in PVC. could even enclose it in a Faraday cage-style RF grounded box to not broadcast radio signals outside of the residence.
(it’s much more quiet in real life, a dull rattle. Just the camera is affected by the EMP of the tuned LC firing at full potential
it hasnt been this bad in past videos, it is cancelling my voice at times.
i now swithed to using two separately tuned secondary coils, and then parallel them together after rectification thru the doubled up diodes (which were still getting way too hot, indicating output peak currents exceed 6 amps WITH high voltage )
(and pretty sweet current discharges between connecting the load eh? hehe
This amount of light is surprising given the input is under 30 watts[ and thats assuming RMS volts on variac, 65 volts @ .4a (input is most likeky LESS than that) ]
By employing 1 of the two secondaries, i got the expected amount of light… by employing BOTH secondaries, i basically got the FULL 50 watts!

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