Send: ИC – США ДО TARIEL KAPANADZE С ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕМ ПОМОЧЬ, И СДЕЛАТЬ ЕГО НАИБОЛЕЕ ИЗВЕСТНЫМ ЧЕЛОВЕКОМ Ð’ ИСТОРИИ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКОГО ВИДА. THIS VIDEO IS TO BE NAMED AND THREATED AS COMMENT. COMMENT IS MY PERSONAL EXPRESSION OF THE CON-TENSE.DUE TO LIMITED KNOWLEDGE I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY KIND OF CORRECTNESS OF THIS COMMENT in any format. Below is the typical Legal Statement as we exist in the “world surrounded by sharks”: I’m protected to express my personal opinion ,based on Rights to the free speech supported by Constitution of USA. Therefore I take no responsibility of opinion expressed.Opinion is one of my own and do not represent anyone apart from me. All of the words used in this post and/or my videos are falling into the description of my personal opinion only. Interesting is that this is very private conversation that was made available to general public by Russian site. It touches possible court proceeding with Swiss part of contract.Lack of money from Tariel Kapanadze, lack of time to be waisted and his determination to build hydro-mechanical generator.such one is not the subject of any previous contract.

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