Title:Unusual behavior of Free Energy Device component Purpose: Fallowing Investigation was provided by means of observing random effect noticed at the scope of NA. The investigation was not planed nor prepared. Investigation was the documentary of event. Duplicability of this documentary event is unconfirmed as of yet Free Energy Device component we will name it: DUT (abbreviation : DUT – Device Under Test) 1 component description: TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER (DUT) a. toroidal transformer consisting primary coil and 2 secondary coils b. secondary coils are connected in series c. secondary coils are winded in opposite direction d secondary coils are at fixed position randomly chosen. e. resonant point is not conformed as maximum energy transfered. 2. Testing Device description: Network Analyzer Advantest R3267 ( abbreviation NA will be used) 3.Frequency range set for 10KHz to 150MHz 4.Connection description: a. primary coil connected to Network Analyzer connector used 2 short lids of coax 50 Ohm ( input A) lids are calibration- compensated b. secondary coil connected to Network Analyzer connector used 2 lids of coax 50 Ohm (output1) lids are calibration- compensated 5.Channels utilized; Channel 1 of NA Channel 2 of NA 6. Channel assignment: a. One channel was used to provide standard relation Line Magnitude versus Phase ( that characteristic was showing stable pattern) selected display button input ports of NA: A/R While another one was used with various of display modes That

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