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Stan’s Research Update, Tapered End Mill, VIC PBC 2, & Ceramic Quenching Disks

Please see here for the EmdMill Info : open-source-energy.org Please see here for the fabrication of the disks: www.youtube.com that’s part 1. watch them all… also see here for the post on the forms:…

Update! 13 cavity VIC Big Arcs! 5 Coil VIC Measurements! & Injector Info! RWGresearch.com

The arc is only the 30awg secondary output. The SS wire was not connected at all. All the links you need: open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org rwgresearch.com open-source-energy.org You guys are Awesome! Be blessed! be…

A True Replica Of The Electrical Connectors Used On Stan Meyer Original WFC.

the real deal: open-source-energy.org Be blessed! be safe! have fun! ~Russ rwgresearch.com open-source-energy.org Incoming search terms:ротовертер с самозапиткой, ротовертер самозапитка