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You Make The Name, ***Update*** You Wont Want Miss This One

Show time 00:00 hrs central Monday. So that’s Sunday night… You can watch me live on Justin.TV/RWGresearch You can also now go to rwgresearch.com and watch it live there by clicking on the Justin.Tv…

9.29.11 EPG Update & Live After Show! 1/4 Of Coils Done! RWGresearch.com ~Russ

my email: rwg42985@aol.com my web page: www.rwgresearch.com My Live feed: www.justin.tv/rwgresearch live recording will be available for one week at the address above. thanks for the support!

EPG Lots Of Items To Show You! (Update) Its All Coming Together! RWGrwsearch.com

Please come visit and pass along the web page. www.RWGresearch.com CORECTION : The LED’s are 405nm LED’s Arduino code forms: open-source-energy.org Bill Williams YouTube: www.youtube.com Mike Powers YouTube: www.youtube.com Come and help! ~Russ