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Let’s build A "Popper" Noble Gas Engine AKA Papp Engine. Times Just Turned… Or Did It? RWGresearch

Let’s build A “Popper” Noble Gas Engine AKA” Papp Engine”. Times Just Turned… Or Did It? We Will See! Please post thoughts here on the forums: open-source-energy.org Please see these links for more info….

Pulse Motor Build Off 2012 Time Extension? Wait, What? Can You Do That?

if you cant watch this please download it here: small file: open-source-energy.org You Must Post Progress Before Midnight the 21st of June to be in the contest. then you have until midnight the 24th…

Pulse Motor Build Off 2012! One Week Remaining! Prize Update & Stuff!

Please see this post for kyle’s 1st prize winner gift! open-source-energy.org Please post your entry’s on one or both of these threads! open-source-energy.org iaec.forumco.com Big thanks to Kyle Carrington and everyone building and having…

Pulse Motor Build Off 2012 Everyone can Join The Build Off! Prizes For Top3 Builders!!!

The rules are you must build the pulse motor new! you cant pull out an old pulse motor for entries. when your are complete you must upload a video to here: open-source-energy.org or to…

Stan Meyer Step Charging Signal Replicated By Jon Able RWGresearch.com

stan meyer step Charging signal replicated by Jon Able Jon’s youtube, www.youtube.com/user/joabel1971 please post thoughts on the forms!!!!! Here: open-source-energy.org Be blessed! be safe! have fun! ~Russ rwgresearch.com open-source-energy.org