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Quickie Up Date On Day 2’s Adventure. DONE Replacing A Blown Head Gasket On Ford 3.0L V6 OHV Engine

Haha I did it! It was not to bad. And also. You can watch the live feed re-run via justin.tv/rwgresearch Tomorrow we start it up! Wanted to flush it good before I start it…

Quickie Up Date On Todays Adventure. Replacing A Blown Head Gasket On Ford 3.0L V6 OHV Engine

Looks like we have a winner! I am documenting the process and will upload the video later. After I’m done putting it back together… Thanks for all the support!!! God Bless ~Russ

You Stll Kick’n Russ? haha LIFE… Fun Stuff! Live This Weekend! God Bless

Live Feed Here: rwgresearch.com Pulse motor Build off stuff here: rwgresearch.com Web Site Here: rwgresearch.com Forums Here: www.open-source-energy.org God Bless you all! Much Love! ~Russ

Update! 13 cavity VIC Big Arcs! 5 Coil VIC Measurements! & Injector Info! RWGresearch.com

The arc is only the 30awg secondary output. The SS wire was not connected at all. All the links you need: open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org open-source-energy.org rwgresearch.com open-source-energy.org You guys are Awesome! Be blessed! be…

Stan Meyer Step Charging Signal Replicated By Jon Able RWGresearch.com

stan meyer step Charging signal replicated by Jon Able Jon’s youtube, www.youtube.com/user/joabel1971 please post thoughts on the forms!!!!! Here: open-source-energy.org Be blessed! be safe! have fun! ~Russ rwgresearch.com open-source-energy.org

Just A Trick On How To Salvage Heat Sinks From Circuit Boards… ( Eazy!) haha Have Fun!

Funy Times! 🙂 Ont thing i will say is that this works grate for circuit boards from these old TV’s BUT! Some of these boards are a bit tougher… Ware gloves!!! And safty glasses!…

Unpolar VIC Pulse Trains & Russtic 7.0 …& Resonate Cavity Stuff… ~Russ

www.RWGresearch.com/ www.open-source-energy.org/forum/ here are the Threads on this subject…: Russtic 7.O & 4.0 open-source-energy.org VIC info: open-source-energy.org Direct link to the data post: open-source-energy.org Other VIC thread: open-source-energy.org VIC curcits… open-source-energy.org God bless and…