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What Is A Catalyst? Demo Of A Copper Catalyst & Acetone

Disclaimer: TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Explanation: Acetone is oxidized to acetaldehyde, carbon dioxide and water, Cu CH3COCH3 +3/2 O2 CU To. CH3CHO+CO2 +H2O. The reaction is catalyzed by copper. Primarily, the copper itself…

You Make The Name, ***Update*** You Wont Want Miss This One

Show time 00:00 hrs central Monday. So that’s Sunday night… You can watch me live on Justin.TV/RWGresearch You can also now go to rwgresearch.com and watch it live there by clicking on the Justin.Tv…

9.29.11 EPG Update & Live After Show! 1/4 Of Coils Done! RWGresearch.com ~Russ

my email: rwg42985@aol.com my web page: www.rwgresearch.com My Live feed: www.justin.tv/rwgresearch live recording will be available for one week at the address above. thanks for the support!