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Traw̦ger Power Pyramid TPP_V12_Tutorial РElectrical power output from a homemade pyramid

www.overunity.de and the main page is: www.comshop.tv A few Watts free electrical power output from a home made pyramid build by Mr. Trawöger from Austria. Incoming search terms:повер банк своими руками

How to make an aluminium air battery selfmade homemade DIY batteries

Copy of a video from youtube user: www.youtube.com He gave me permission to post it on my channel. Please go to his channel for more on this video. Many thanks. PS: With a electrolyte made from K2CO3 and water you can get almost double the voltage, so …

Homemade Selfmade DIY THERMOELECTRIC Peltier thermogenerator cell

Video how to produce some Copper-Sulfide inside a glas tube with 2 graphite pencil rods as the end conductors to get a thermoelectric effect. Unfortunately one can not see, what the exact voltage is, that this guy gets, when he heats one end with his s…