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You Stll Kick’n Russ? haha LIFE… Fun Stuff! Live This Weekend! God Bless

Live Feed Here: rwgresearch.com Pulse motor Build off stuff here: rwgresearch.com Web Site Here: rwgresearch.com Forums Here: www.open-source-energy.org God Bless you all! Much Love! ~Russ

Rainbow In The Sky, But It’s Sunny??? Answer The Question In Description…Rainbow Spec?

So, if it’s raining but the rain never hits the ground, didn’t actually rain? Never seen a rainbow like this one! Cool! Any one else seen one like this? God’s cool creations! ~Russ www.RWGresearch.com…

#4 EPG Winder, Home Maid Troid Winder 75% Done & Winding A Test Coil! Live! :)

#4 EPG Winder, Home Maid Troid Winder 75% done and winding some test coils! while im live! 🙂 thanks for the support everyone! really! thanks! you guys make this stuff happen! lets get it…

P2 Stanley Meyers Hydrogen Gas Gun Replica. # 22 Gage Wire ordered! Thank you all! Amazing!

we did it! thank to all that help in annyway! i know we all are in deferent situations and its a blessing that there are people that are willing to help! Thank you!!!!!!!! God…

EPG Lots Of Items To Show You! (Update) Its All Coming Together! RWGrwsearch.com

Please come visit and pass along the web page. www.RWGresearch.com CORECTION : The LED’s are 405nm LED’s Arduino code forms: open-source-energy.org Bill Williams YouTube: www.youtube.com Mike Powers YouTube: www.youtube.com Come and help! ~Russ