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Update 23 NGE Papp: More Balloon Testing & The Search For Feedback Current.

Update 23 NGE Papp: More Balloon Testing & The Search For Feedback Current. Thank you all for your continued support. its much appreciated and needed. ~Russ more to come… 🙂 one can donate to…

Sunpower Stirling-Cycle Engine Generators

www.americanantigravity.com – Sunpower unveils the Microgen Combined Heat and Power (microCHP) system, an innovative electrical co-generation unit scheduled to hit the European consumer market through British appliance distributor Microgen, Inc. The Microgen system is…

Aviso Ecar & Extreme Repelling force tested by Phil Gov created committee DOE , DOST & UP

Aviso Ecar using 11 kilowatts forklift dc motor. Test end up the Forklift motor run powered from the conventional power supply : 46% EFF. Aviso Technology using the Ambient collector : 136% efficiency. The…

Cancer cure High success rate & affordable Stg3 Ovarian Cancer after 1 week of IWT

http://avisowater.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cleansing-with-I-W-T-Ismael-Water-Therapy/1377077545870965?id=1377077545870965&sk=info https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cleansing-with-I-W-T-Ismael-Water-Therapy/1377077545870965?id=1377077545870965&sk=app_515813678472538 https://www.facebook.com/notes/cleansing-with-i-w-t-ismael-water-therapy/pollution-1-cause-of-diseases-simple-colds-to-cancer/1377795435799176 .So many testimonials regarding Ismael water thrapy , but this video testimonial will strongly validate the effectivity of Ismael water therapy for curing Cancer and many type of Chronic diseases….