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Traw̦ger Power Pyramid TPP_V12_Tutorial РElectrical power output from a homemade pyramid

www.overunity.de and the main page is: www.comshop.tv A few Watts free electrical power output from a home made pyramid build by Mr. Trawöger from Austria. Incoming search terms:повер банк своими руками

Pyraflux – wireless electricity with flux capacitor

A micro Tesla tower, with 2 pyramid shaped interlocking primary coils and a flux capacitor negative induction section. Here’s the website link for the flux capacitor principle: 4gang.wordpress.com The circuit is a Slayer exciter…

Dannel Roberts Explains New Plasma Propulsion and Theory at TeslaTech Conference 2013

I, Sterling D. Allan, interviewed Dannel Roberts at his booth at the ExtraOrdinary Technology (TeslaTech) Conference on July 25, 2013 here in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel. Story at http://www.pureenergyblog.com/2013/07/25/1589/8502357dannel-roberts-explains-new-plasma-propulsion-and-theory-at-teslatech-conference-2013/ He…