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Joule Thief Lights 100 LEDs Using 1 Wire Only!

My modified Fuji camera AA circuit lighting a string of 100 clear LEDs using only one wire from the circuit. All I have to do is hold my hand near the battery and it lights. When I bring my other hand close to the LED string, they get brighter. This is…

Joule Thief Lights 400 Leds On Single AA Battery!

My modified Fuji AA Joule Thief circuit illuminating 400 leds using an old AA battery for power. For more info go to Overunitydotcom in the joule thief topic. Thank you. This is NOT free energy but it is a very efficient circuit that I can use to obtai…

Joule Thief Lights 300 LEDs On Single AA Battery!!

My modified Fuji AA Joule Thief circuit lighting 300 LEDs! Each LED requires 3.5 volts to light. I am still using the old AA battery that you have seen in all of my other videos. For more information, go to Overunitydotcom in my Joule Thief topic. Thanks.

Amazing Joule Thief Lights 200 LEDs On A Single AA Battery!!

Avast!!!! Lighting 200 LEDs on a single AA battery using the modified Fuji Joule Thief circuit. The battery, which is old and nearly dead, will not even light 1 single led by itself. A new AA battery will not light one of these leds alone. More to come…