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Electric OU: The Ainslie Oscillations with the Other Load: RF emissions etc Part 1

Here I show a little rearrangement: Aluminiyum Heat Sinks, my original load containing a 50 ohm resistance/inductance combo made of an automotive light bulb and a little choke/transformer in series…..

1.4 High Voltage Arc+Argon+Over Voltage = Loud Exploding CAP… By By Cap! (EPG Testing 1.4)

if you dont watch anything at least see 6:00 to 7:00 hahahahahah funny… Enjoy! well it was off for a bit and took that long to explode!!! i did not know what happen… hahahahah…

Cool Joule – 1 Runner, 1 Maybe

More info below – Versions of TinMan’s recent Cool Joule SS SSG circuit. Original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2fvLwjvTA60 Tentative results, lots of tests and verifications to do. The first build trundles onward from yesterday when…

Joule Thief: Basic Circuit, Upgrade to 24 LEDs, 1 to 1 Toroid Winding

The basic circuit using the 2n2222 metal can transistor, with a few alterations from the “instruction” video, to show the next steps in development. I’ve tested a few different coils and this 1::1 toroid…