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Extreme High Voltage: TK4 MOT-DC Tesla Coil Component Overview

PLEASE DON’T ATTEMPT THIS PROJECT unless you understand HIGH VOLTAGE SAFETY. The voltages developed are LETHAL and can remain stored in the cap bank even when the equipment is not energized. An overview of…

Extreme High Voltage: AnAtmoSphere: Cathode Central Sphere Solar Electrode

The central spherical electrode is connected to the negative output of the flyback transformer. It becomes like the Sun, which is probably negatively charged because it’s blowing out protons in the solar wind. Maybe….

Extreme High Voltage: AnAtmoSphere Vacuum Cycling at Constant Input Voltage

Here we can see the change in character of the glow/arc/corona/spark discharges as the pressure in the AnAtmoSphere changes. I cycle the vacuum pump several times while providing a constant voltage to the flyback…

Extreme High Voltage: Random AnAtmoSphere Glows and Sparkles

A collection of informal views of the glow discharge within the AnAtmoSphere low pressure chamber. The central polished chrome sphere is positively charged and the surrounding copper tube electrode is the negatively charged zone….