Charles Buhler – Propellantless Drive Evolution & Lab Walkthrough – Exodus 2024

NASA physicist Dr. Charles Buhler does an impromptu electrostatics lab walkthrough and describes the evolution of Exodus propellantless propulsion drives.

Dr. Charles Buhler is the co-founder of Exodus Propulsion Technology and lead scientist and co-founder of NASA’s Electrostatics and Surface Physics Laboratory at Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Buhler has a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Florida State University, which he received in 2000 while working on high temperature superconductors at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Dr. Buhler has experience working with electrostatic discharge & ESD safety for the Space Shuttle Program, the International Space Station Program and the Hubble Space Telescope Program. He was also a Co-Investigator for three NASA Research Announcements funded by the Mars Exploration Program, and is currently working on NASA’s Dust Project focused on utilizing electrostatic methods to remove dust from personnel and equipment that will be sent to the Moon through NASA’s Constellation Program.

Dr. Buhler joins us today to discuss his independent research into field-effect propulsion systems at Exodus Technologies, leading to a patented new propulsion technology that requires no fuel or ejection-mass to produce thrust.


Exodus Propulsion Technologies (Official Website)

Exodus Presentation – APEC Conference (Timestamped, ~ 1hr)

Exodus Propulsion Contact Information (Email)
cbuhler [at] exodustechnologies [dot] space

US Patent: US11511891B2 / WIPO Patent: WO2020159603A2
System and method for generating forces using asymmetrical electrostatic pressure

Charles R. Buhler – IEEE Explore

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