Andrew Aurigema – DIY Propellantless Drive Explainer 4k – Exodus 2024

Andrew Aurigema explains how to build a DIY replication of the patented Exodus Propulsion Technologies propellantless drive system.

Andrew is co-founder of Exodus Propulsion Technologies – and a second-generation Space Coast native who grew up knowing that moon landings and Star Trek were both real. Now a professional Aerospace Engineer by trade, he run his own space program out of a private airfield north of the Kennedy Space Center when not building rockets for others. Starting with balsa wood and flyback transformer lifters more than 20 years ago, he has developed the propellantless propulsion system now branded as the Exodus Effect.

Based around the Asymmetrical Electrostatic Pressure concept, his propulsion team has created, tested and documented more than 1500 separate “thruster” test articles in air, oil, and vacuum. Ongoing research includes meta material investigation, electrostatic field interactions, RF based thrust generation and all manner of bread making. Of them all, bread making is by far the most difficult and rewarding.

On any given Sunday, his hanger is the only place on earth that has fresh pizza and an operational warp drive.


Exodus Propulsion Technologies (Official Website)

Exodus Patent
System and method for generating forces using asymmetrical electrostatic pressure

NASA Veteran’s Propellantless Propulsion Drive That Physics Says Shouldn’t Work Just Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Earth’s Gravity

Andrew Aurigema APEC Conference Bio

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