Arts Part’s UFO Sample 4k – Falcon Space 2024

Mark Sokol, Jarod Yates & Tim Ventura perform visual analysis on a sample of “Art’s Parts” UFO material provided by an anonymous donor, which exhibits unique reflectivity & structural properties not previously described.


0:00 – Initial Visual Analysis
48:58 – Discussion & Speculation
1:16:09 – Review & Conclusions

This sample of the Art’s Parts UFO material was provided to Mark Sokol & Falcon Space for testing propulsion applications of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. The chain of custody for this sample is fully verified, but the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

Our visual analysis uncovered new features for the Art’s Parts sample, including interesting reflectivity & reflectivity, as well what appears to be hexagonal structuring on the surface and the possibility of micro- or nanostructures within the material itself.

Future SEM analysis for this sample is planned, but due to the sample’s small size isotopic analysis is unlikely. We cannot confirm that this sample is extraterrestrial in origin at this time, but we are confident that it is part of the “Art’s Parts” UFO crash retrieval samples.


– The “Alien Blood” Tom Butler mentions at 3m20s is a bright green cleaning solution used for scrubbing parts from the vapor deposition machine.

– Jarod used Linda Moulton Howe’s “Glimpses Of Other Realities Vol. 2” as a reference guide to compare this part with earlier sample images & analyses. Linda is not directly involved with this project.

– This video was not staged or planned. Tim was on-site filming DNP research as part of a East-Coast tour of APEC partner labs, and Jarod Yates was on-site to assist RF setup & tuning on a DNP equipment.

– Tom Butler & Eric Rivera are both local team members at Falcon Space & work with Mark Sokol on a variety of research projects in his lab.


Art’s Parts Analysis Photo Gallery


Linda Moulton Howe’s “Glimpses Of Other Realities Vol. 2”

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