HECTOR demonstration 1b

A new type of magmo that I’ve been working on as time and workshop area permit.

The name is quasirooski, pronounced “NYESTOYA”.

Good bearings, some time spent carefully balancing, and the “secret sauce” of using bent wood as the springy element come together to make it all work. But appearances can be misleading. Just remember that any conductive material that is exposed to changing magnetic fields will be subject to eddy current losses.

Dear Friends and other Subscribers:
I’m slowly coming back on line from my recent bout of “residency challenges”. With the help of some old friends and forum members I’ve been able to rent a tiny “casita” for me and my old dog Murphy. Our beloved Maggie dog passed away last December and we are muddling through as best as we can without her. I’m grateful to everyone for their thoughts, help, and kindnesses. More to follow as I am able.

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