APEC 7/9, Part #5 – Bill Alek – Tom Bearden’s Scalar Waves

https://www.altpropulsion.com – Bill Alek will do an applied physics review of Tom Bearden’s model for scalar energy in electrical circuits.

Tom Bearden was a Ph.D., nuclear engineer, retired Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army), CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study. He was active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, KGB energetics weapons and phenomena, free energy systems, electromagnetic healing via the unified field action of extended Sachs-Evans electrodynamics, and human development. Particularly known for his work establishing a theory of overunity electrical power systems, scalar electromagnetic weapons, energetics weapons, and the use of time-as-energy in both power systems and the mind-body interaction.

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In the July 9th conference session, Greg Cathcart will present on Compressed Time Propulsion, Jose Ruiz discusses Prevailing Traits of Extraordinary Devices & Alzofon Suggestions, and Wayne Ojala will talk about his experiments with a possible antigravity phase of water. Mark Sokol & Aidan Schaffer will provide detailed lab updates on their upcoming experiments and vacuum-deposition work to recreate Art’s Parts, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

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